A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Endless Unknown is an action- adventure, rogue-like dungeon crawler. Explore these procedurally generated dungeons, while collecting 'Souls of Death' to open a portal to the next dungeon!  Be careful as more souls will fill your inventory as you progress, which will limit your ability to hold potions. Find the best and most efficient way of slaying hordes of challenging enemies!

**Future Updates still to come, make sure you follow to stay up-to-date! Future updates will include many new gameplay features, more attack types and even scarier monsters!**

Install instructions

Thank you for downloading my game! 

Just unzip and run the Exe. file. 

Play in full screen please.

Feedback Appreciated :) 


WASD - Movement

Q - Area of Attack Power

R - Inventory

Left mouse button - Light Attack

Right mouse button - Heavy Attack

** Aim in the direction you wish to attack**


Endless_Unknown.zip 18 MB

Development log


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first of all i like how the font stretches when the mouse is over it :p tell me how hehehe second sometimes a door might be there but i cant go to another location which i thing is a bug :3 :3 ("told you i will find one at least ") and lastly i really enjoyed the game .. it looks really good and the sound effects are really cool :3 proud of you dani